Providing Homes, Building Families, Enhancing the Future

Executive Director




On a regular basis, this organization continues to evaluate resident housing and supportive service needs, as well as identify capital and possible funding sources to address those needs. We perform outreach to social service partners to gain contact, establish relationships, and build a listing of partners who can assist our residents. As the Executive Director, it is my responsibility to act as subject matter expert on Federal, State, and Local laws. Frequently, I confer with the housing authority's managers to plan housing objectives and develop organizational procedures necessary to implement board policies and housing program requirements. My financial responsibilities as Executive Director of this agency include establishing budgets for the Tallahassee Housing Authority's operation. I provide managerial support and guidance to all staff and all administered housing programs. As the Executive Director I am responsible for the financial and fiscal expenditures and receipts of funds, which includes administrative responsibilities as required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.