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Real Estate Developments

Tallahassee Housing Authority (THA) has embarked on an exciting development journey to revitalize our current housing stock while exploring other opportunities for the construction of new housing units.  In August of 2013 the THA's Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to procure three experienced developers: The Michael's Group; Pinnacle Housing Group and the Housing Trust Group.  We are looking forward to a long and positive relationship with our partners.

The future brings change:  Our goal is to rehabilitate or redevelop our sites to provide the best possible housing for our residents.  This process will take years to complete and will be accomplished in phases as we receive funding awards from our development applications. Revitalization activity produces job opportunities for local contractors and subcontractors.  It also spreads out into the communities and often results in the revitalization of the surrounding neighborhoods.  This is our aim.  To be the leader in revitalizing the neighborhoods and communities in which our residents live and work!

Funding:  Funding comes from different sources such as State, Counties, Cities and HUD.  We will look at every opportunity to fulfill our mission and apply for funding based on the financial feasibility of the funding programs offered and how they fit with our needs.  Not all funding opportunities will be feasible for our properties.  Patience and creativity is paramount in realizing a revitalization plan such as the one THA is undertaking.

Check back occasionally for news of our progress.


Our Partners