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Public Housing Agency (PHA) Plan Page

The Tallahassee Housing Authority Public Housing Agency Plan (PHA Plan) is the THA's strategic plan for serving the needs of its residents.  This plan is created annually, and provides opportunity for THA's residents to participate in the process of creating the plan.  THA begins creating the plan in the Fall season and the final plan is completed in the following Spring.  A timeline for creating the plan is listed below.  As they are created, draft copies of documents prepared throughout the process will be available for download on this webpage.

Public Housing Agency Plan Definition

What is a PHA Plan - The Public Housing Agency Plan is a plan that informs HUD, residents, and the public of the Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) mission for serving the needs of low-income and very low-income families and the PHA’s strategy for addressing those needs. PHAs must submit 5-year plans for tenant-based assistance and public housing programs. Some PHAs are also required to submit annual plans to supplement the 5-year plans.

 The PHA Plan consists of either one or two elements:

    1. A Five Year Plan that describes the mission of the agency and its goals and objectives. 
    2. An Annual Plan that covers policies and procedures of the agency.

How often do we need to update the PHA plan? – Annually 

Resident Advisory Board (RAB) Participation:

  1. What is the Resident Advisory Board (RAB)?   RAB membership is comprised of individuals who reflect and represent the residents assisted by the THA. The role of the RAB is to assist the PHA in developing the PHA Plan and in making any significant amendment or modification to the Plan.
  2. What is the role of the RAB?  The main role of the RAB is to make recommendations in the development of the PHA Plan. In order to facilitate collaboration, PHAs should encourage the RAB’s participation from the inception of the planning process. PHAs are also required to request input from the RAB for any significant amendment or modification to the PHA Plan.
  3. Who can participate on the RAB?  If a jurisdiction-wide resident council is in place that complies with tenant participation regulations at 24 CFR Part 964, the PHA must appoint this group or its representatives as the Resident Advisory Board. If the PHA does not have a jurisdiction-wide resident council, then it should appoint resident councils or their representatives to serve as one or more of the RABs. A PHA may require that the resident councils choose a limited number of representatives to serve as RAB members.
  4. What about Section 8 recipients?  Because Section 8 residents do not have resident councils, PHAs with a significant sized tenant based assistance program must ensure that Section 8 residents are adequately represented or that reasonable efforts are made to secure their participation in the RAB. A significant sized tenant based assistance program is one where at least 20 percent of the total PHA’s households receive tenant-based assistance.

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The PHA Plan Process: 

Public Notice and Comment Period Requirements - The PHA governing body is required to convene a public hearing to discuss their Five-Year and/or Annual Plan and to prompt comments from the public regarding their proposed activities. PHAs must consider, in consultation with the RABs, all the comments received at the public hearing.

Notice and outreach - PHAs are required to carry out the following steps at least forty-five (45) days prior to the scheduled public hearing:

1.     Publish a notice indicating that a public hearing (THA will hold 3), to present the Plan and further public comments, will be held including the time, date and location. The notice should also indicate where the Plan and pertaining documents will be made available for review. The documents should be maintained at an accessible place such as the PHA’s central office, website and at each site.

2.     Conduct outreach activities to promote comprehensive participation in the public hearing.

Incorporating Comments into the Plan - PHAs are required to consider the RAB’s recommendations to the Plan but are not required to agree with them. The recommendations received must be submitted by the PHAs as a required attachment to the Plan. PHAs must also include a narrative describing their analysis of the recommendations and the decisions made on these recommendations. It is prudent for PHAs to acknowledge those recommendations that conform to the programs and the mission of the PHA. If the RAB does not provide recommendations to the Plan, the PHA must document that in an attached narrative.

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How to contact our office:

If you have any questions regarding the PHA Annual Plan, please contact Tallahassee Housing Authority at (850) 205-1682.  Other inquiries can be directed to: