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    The Tallahassee Housing Authority Public Housing waiting list is organized in such a manner to allow THA to accurately identify and select families in the proper order, according to its admissions policies. THA will process all applicants on the waiting list prior to the adoption of the lottery system according to date and time of the original application and the size bedroom needed.
    Currently, the Public Housing waiting list is closed for all bedroom sizes, and THA is not accepting applications for this program. Before the waiting list is scheduled to reopen, notice will be provided to the public.

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Public Housing Waiting List Program

Families will be selected from the 2014 lottery waiting list in numerical order based on the numbers that were assigned to each application by lottery. THA will offer the unit to the highest ranking applicant who qualifies for that unit size, type, or that requires a specific accessibility features.   By matching unit and family characteristics, it is possible that families who are lower on the waiting list may receive an offer of housing ahead of families with a higher placement based on application number. 

THA’s new Interactive Voice Response System for the Public Housing Waiting List Program is live now! The IVR telephone system is where applicants can access information relating to their status on the Public Housing Waiting List. 

The Interactive Voice Response System is available 24/7 and will allow:

  • Applicants to check their status on the Public Housing Waiting List
  • Current tenants to check their rent balance
  • Current tenants to check recent payments

IVR Telephone Number:  (850) 210-1486

Offering Units to Applicants:   


THA has adopted a “one offer plan” for offering units to applicants. Under this plan the first qualified applicant in sequence on the waiting list will be made one offer of a unit of the appropriate size.  Applicants must accept or refuse a unit offer within 3 business days of the date of the unit offer.  Offers made by telephone will be confirmed by letter.  When an applicant rejects the unit offer without good cause, THA will remove the applicant’s name from the waiting list and send notice to the family of such removal.  The notice will inform the family of their right to request an informal hearing and the process for doing so.

Occupancy Standards 

THA will reference the following standards in determining the appropriate unit bedroom size for a family:

1 1 2
2 2 4
3 3 6
4 4 8
5 6 10
6 8 12

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Reporting Changes in Family Circumstances:

While the family is on the waiting list; the family must inform THA, within 10 business days, of changes in family size or composition, or contact information, including current residence, mailing address, and phone number.  The changes must be submitted in writing.

Changes in an applicant's circumstances while on the waiting list may affect the family's qualification for a particular bedroom size.  When an applicant reports a change that affects their placement on the waiting list, the waiting list will be updated accordingly and the applicant will be notified of the change. 

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Notification of Selection

THA will notify the family by first class mail when it is selected from the waiting list.  The notice will inform the family of the following: 

Date, time, and location of the scheduled application interview; including any procedures for rescheduling the interview

Who is required to attend the interview

Documents that must be provided at the interview to document the legal identity of household members; including information about what constitutes acceptable documentation

Other documents and information that should be brought to the interview including birth certificates, social security cards, income information,  etc.

If a notification letter is returned to THA with no forwarding address, the family will be removed from the waiting list without further notice.  Such failure to act on the part of the applicant prevents THA from making an eligibility determination; therefore no informal hearing will be offered.

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Final Eligibility Determination

THA must verify all information provided by the family. Based on verified information related to the eligibility requirements, including THA suitability standards, THA must make a final determination of eligibility.  THA will notify a family in writing of their eligibility within 10 business days of the determination and will provide the approximate date of occupancy insofar as that date can be reasonably determined.  THA must promptly notify any family determined to be ineligible for admission.  The notice will inform the family of their right to request an informal hearing and the process for doing so.

How to contact our office:

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Derotha Jones THA’s Public Housing Specialist at (850) 205-1686 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.