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Public Housing

What Is Public Housing

Public housing is one of the nation’s three main rental assistance programs, along with “Section 8” vouchers and project-based rental assistance. Public housing developments provide affordable homes to over 3.2 million low-income Americans. The Tallahassee Housing Authority (THA) owns and manages 544 public housing units. Residents pay about 30 percent of their adjusted monthly household income toward rent

Residents also have access to community development programs that provide assistance with education, job training, youth programs, health and wellness as well as many other programs. The goal is to help each resident maximize their potential and move back into the private rental market and off of assistance.

Where THA’s Public Housing units are located

  • 200 units are located at Orange Avenue Apartments,
  • 195 units are at Springfield Apartments,
  • 96 units at Pinewood Place,
  • 12 units Hidden Pines apartments
  • 41 scattered site units throughout the city of Tallahassee.