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Former Orange Avenue Residents - Click Here for Important Information

In accordance with the settlement agreement entered into by the Orange Avenue United Tenants' Association and the Tallahassee Housing Authority. Former residents of Orange Avenue should be aware of the following:

Replacement Units/Right to Return

  1. All residents relocated because of the new development at the Orange Avenue Apartments ("OAA'') site will have first priority preference right of return to move back into the new development upon its completion;
  2. Preference rights of return residents are residents who meet the eligibility in Section -5 of the Tallahassee Housing Authority's ("THA") Choice-Based Relocation Plan (See Attachment 1);
  3. Each returning resident exercising the preference right of return will be offered a unit at a rental price based on 30% of the resident's income under HUD project-based voucher rent criteria. Subject to changes in income, family size, and assets within HUD rental guidelines, no resident shall pay more for rent than such resident was paying at the time of relocation;
  4. Returning residents shall be provided with the opportunity to return to a unit that satisfies the terms of this Settlement Agreement within 90 days of being notified of the anticipated date of completion of each phase, and such units will not be leased to households other than returning residents during that 90-day window. In addition to the foregoing, residents shall have the opportunity to exercise their right to return with first priority on a waiting list within one year of being notified of the completion of the last phase of the development to a unit, if available, that satisfies the terms of this Settlement Agreement. If an eligible returning resident does not have a tenant-based Housing Choice Voucher at the time of exercising such tenant's right to return, such tenant shall receive priority for a unit assisted with a Project-Based Voucher;
  5. All former residents exercising their preference right of return to the new units shall receive the actual and/or reasonable moving costs and expenses, and penalties for early termination of their accommodation since OAA, to relocate to the new development paid by THA including any security deposits (except in situations where the individual tenant has received the return of his/her security deposit from the prior landlord); and
  6. THA shall provide funds for accessibility modifications for returning tenants who have a need for the same.

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