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New Utility Assistance Payments Program

The Tallahassee Housing Authority (THA) is proud to announce it is rolling out a new program to provide Housing Choice Voucher participants with their Utility Assistance Payments (UAP). THA's Prepaid Visa Card initiative will provide program participants with a Prepaid Visa Card, that your monthly utility funds will be loaded on automatically by the 5th business day of each month. 

Cardholders will be responsible for using the NET SPEND Prepaid Visa card to make payments directly to the utility company. Non-payment of utilities would eventually cause your termination from the program.   Using your card to make your utility payment, will help streamline the payment process and help save unnecessary fees charged by banks or currency exchanges.

  • No longer worry about mail delays and the possibility of replacing lost or stolen checks.
  • Convenient, safe and secure.
  • Cardholders have 24-hour a day, 7-day a week telephone and web-based support in English and Spanish for balance inquiry, lost/stolen cards, investigation of transactions and other services.
  • The NetSpend Prepaid Visa will make access to utility benefits easier, safer and more convenient.
  • Helps eliminate issues related to check fraud, identity theft, or loss of funds.
  • Convenient internet access to account information at

No more check cashing fees! This can save you over $100 per year!

Contact Us: 2940 Grady Road, Tallahassee FL 32312
Phone: 850-385-6126, press 1
Fax: 850-386-5534

Questions Related to the Electronic NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card:

What is the NETSPEND Visa Prepaid card?

  • The Electronic Net Spend Visa card is a prepaid card. Utility payments will be transferred electronically onto the card from which you can access your money to pay your utility bills at any Point of Sale location that accepts payments or online. In addition, the card will carry the Visa® Logo, allowing you to use the card for utility payments wherever Visa® is accepted. Although the Electronic Visa Prepaid Card carries the Visa® logo, it is NOT a credit card.

When will the program be rolled out?

  • The program will be rolled out November 2019, for all voucher participants who currently receive a utility assistance check.

What fees will I have to pay for the Tallahassee Housing Authority (THA) Electronic Prepaid Visa Card?

  • There are no activation fees or monthly maintenance fees for you to pay. As long as participants use the prepaid card for Utility Payments there will be no charge. Payment fees will be charged if the card is utilized with multiple withdrawals/transactions.

Is this program voluntary or mandatory?

  • For participants that currently receive utility assistance, the program is mandatory. THA will no longer be mailing checks once the card program is initiated. You will be required to activate your card upon receipt in order for funds to be transferred.

My credit is bad. Will I still be eligible for the Electronic Prepaid Visa Card?

  • Yes. While the Electronic Prepaid Visa Card looks like a credit card, it is NOT a credit card, and your credit rating has no effect on your receiving utility payments on the Electronic Prepaid Visa Card.

Will THA provide me with any additional information on this change?

  • Yes. THA will be providing all impacted individuals with additional information before the implementation date in November 2019.

Will I receive monthly statement information regarding my payment?

  • No. This information will be available online through THA will make sure that each participant receives information and materials on how to review account balances,  access your information, etc. Participants are always able to call the Net Spend online banking service center (24/7), for questions on their accounts. Additionally, THA staff members are available to help with any details on your program status, changes, etc.