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Mold Addendum Updates

Mold Addendum Updates

Mold: Mold consists of naturally occurring microscopic organisms that reproduce by spores. Mold breaks down and feeds on organic matter in the environment. The mold spores spread through the air, and the combination of excessive moisture and organic matter allows mold growth. Not all, but certain types and amounts of mold can lead to adverse health effects and/or allergic reactions. Not all mold is readily visible, but when it is, it can often be seen in discoloration, ranging from white to orange and from green to brown and black, and often a musty odor is present. Reducing moisture and proper housekeeping significantly reduces the chance of mold and mold growth.

Climate Control: Tennant(s) agree to use all air-conditioning, if provided, in a reasonable manner, use heating systems in moderation, and keep the premises properly ventilated by periodically opening windows to allow fresh air circulation during dry weather only. Tallahassee Housing Authority recommends that air conditioning is used during warm temperatures.

Tenant(S) Agree To:

  • Keep The Premises Clean And Regularly Dust, Vacuum And Mop
  • Use Hood Vents When Cooking, Cleaning And Dishwashing
  • Keep Closet Doors Ajar
  • Avoid Excessive Indoor Plants
  • Use Exhaust Fans When Bathing/Showering And Leave On For A Sufficient Amount Of Time To Remove Moisture
  • Use Ceiling Fans If Present
  • Water All Indoor Plants Outdoors
  • Wipe Down Any Moisture And/Or Spillage
  • Wipe Down Bathroom Walls And Fixtures After Bathing/Showering
  • Wipe Down Any Vanities/Sink Tops
  • Avoid Air Drying Dishes
  • Not Dry Clothes By Hang Drying Indoors
  • Regularly Empty Dehumidifier If Used
  • Open Blinds/Curtains To Allow Light Into The Premises
  • Wipe Down Floors If Any Water Spillage
  • Securely Close Shower Doors If Present
  • Leave Bathroom And Shower Doors Open After Use
  • Wipe Down Windows And Sills If Moisture Present
  • Use Dryer If Present For Wet Towels
  • Use Household Cleaners On Any Hard Surfaces
  • Remove Any Moldy Or Rotting Food
  • Remove Garbage Regularly
  • Wipe Down Any And All Visible Moisture
  • Inspect For Leaks Under Sinks
  • Check All Washer Hoses If Applicable

Tenant(S) Agree To Report In Writing:

  • Visible Or Suspected Mold
  • All A/C Or Heating Problems Or Abnormalities
  • Leaks, Moisture Accumulations, Major Spillage
  • Plant Watering Overflow Shower/Bath/Sink/Toilet Overflows
  • Leaky Faucets, Plumbing, Pet Urine Accidents
  • Any And All Moisture And Musty Odors
  • Discoloration Of Walls, Baseboards, Doors, Window Frames, Ceilings
  • Moldy Clothing, Refrigerator, And A/C Drip Pan Overflows
  • Moisture Dripping From Or Around Any Vents, A/C Condenser Lines
  • Loose, Missing Or Failing Grout Or Caulk Around Tubs, Showers, Sinks, Faucets, Countertops, Clothes Dryer Vent Leaks.