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Job Announcement - Utility Worker

Position Description
Position: Utility Worker
Supervisor: Maintenance Supervisor
Status: Non-Exempt Hourly, Temporary, No Benefits
Salary Range: Minimum $9.32 Maximum $20.91

Major Function: This is routine, manual work involving a variety of building, cleaning, grounds keeping and maintenance duties. The work may require heavy physical labor during adverse weather conditions. Work is performed under direct supervision of the Maintenance Supervisor.


  1. Mows grass and trims shrubbery
  2. Plants and cultivates flowers
  3. Removes weeds and prunes trees
  4. Cleans out storm drains
  5. Repairs clotheslines
  6. Clears, cleans, and repairs fence lines
  7. Resolves erosion and drainage problems
  8. Paints and cleans inside of down housing units
  9. Pressure washes buildings and sidewalks
  10. Performs minor repairs to sidewalks and stairs
  11. Assists with moving and removing furniture from housing units
  12. Changes out HVAC filters
  13. Cleans roofs and gutters
  14. Washes windows and waxes floors as needed
  15. Removes graffiti form THA floors as needed
  16. Removes litter from THA facilities as needed
  17. Understands and follows simple verbal and written directions

OTHER IMPORTANT DUTIES: Operates equipment as necessary. Participates in training activities as directed by supervisor. Performs related work as required and as deemed necessary by Tallahassee Housing Authority.

Physical Requirements:

  1. Ability to climb ladders or enter crawl spaces in order to gain access to work areas
  2. Ability to move or carry objects weighing up to 70 pounds
  3. Ability to move or carry objects weighing more than 70 pounds with assistance of a hard truck or additional persons
  4. Ability to operate and utilize a variety of carpentry, painting, landscaping and plumbing tools
  5. Ability to work while standing for extended periods of time
  6. Ability to work in wet, damp, hot, cold, confined, or dusty places or adverse weather conditions

Minimum Education, Training and/or Experience:

  1. Must be able to read and write English
  2. At least 1 year of previous work experience in a similar capacity

Special Requirements:

  1. Must Possess a valid Florida Driver's License that is maintained throughout employment
  2. Must be able to successfully pass drug screening and criminal, background, and reference checks

Interested applicants should email resume'.