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How Can We Do Business?

Get included on our List of Vendors, so that you will be notified when Request For Quotes become available. Send an email to Charlayne and request a packet.

Click here to register with the Housing Agency Marketplace online. It’s free! 

What will you need:

  • Any appropriate licenses
  • Insurances: Workers Compensation (unless exempt) - General Liability Insurance - Automobile Insurance - Professional Liability (if necessary)
  • Bid Bonds (bids over $100,000)
  • If selected: a performance and payment bond for 100% of the contract price; or separate payment and performance bonds each for 50% or more of the contract price; or a 20% cash escrow; or a 25% irrevocable letter of credit.

on construction site, man in hard hat with woman in suit looking at blueprints