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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: How much rent will I pay on Section 8 (Housing Choice Voucher)?
    Answer: The HUD regulations state that participants pay 30% of their adjusted gross income.

  2. Question: Is it really possible for someone on Section 8 to have a house in the Killearn area?
    Answer: Yes. As long as you can locate an available unit that is also affordable for the voucher participant.

  3. Question: Will the redevelopment in this area be available for everyone?
    Answer: Yes. Any redevelopment done by the housing authority will be made available to everyone, but returning residents will have priority.

  4. Question: Can we move back when it's finished?
    Answer: In accordance with HUD requirements, all relocated residents will have first right of refusal to come back to the newly developed property. 

  5. Question: Will we be able to move before school starts?
    Answer: The housing authority will not start relocation until we receive HUD approval; which may not be until the fall. In our group and individual discussions with residents about relocation, we will provide more specific details about our timeline.

  6. Question: Can my child stay at the same school if I move somewhere else?
    Answer: With the housing voucher, you can move within the school zone where you want your children to attend school. You might also ask the school board for a waiver.

  7. Question: What will happen if I owe a balance to the City for an old utility bill? Can I still use my voucher?
    Answer: Now is a good time to set up a repayment agreement with the City for utilities. You will need to be able to have utilities in your name or other adult in the household to move into your new unit. Agencies like Community Action can assist you in paying off your balance when you are ready to move into another unit.

  8. Question: What happens if I am behind in my rent or owe money? Will I be able to move? Or do I have to pay it all?
    Answer: You are not required to have your balance paid in full to be eligible to receive a voucher to move.

  9. Question: If I go to another complex will they be accepting the voucher no questions asked or look at my past history?
    Answer: Each family will be provided with relocation counseling to help them work through any issue they may have to finding suitable housing for their family.

  10. Question: If I am behind (on my rent) and live in Orange Avenue send me a proposed payment plan now.
    Answer: Please contact the site manager as soon as possible to discuss payment arrangements. 

  11. Question: Why are we doing this during a pandemic when looking for housing is even dangerous? 
    Answer: Landlords and realtors have implemented safety precautions to ensure the health and welfare of themselves, their staff and potential renters. Several landlords offer virtual tours that can be accessed with cell phones or computers. The relocation counselors can assist residents with their online property search.

  12. Question: Will Orange Avenue residents have priority over others to get Section 8 housing and be provided with a list of apartments that take Section 8 housing vouchers in Tallahassee?
    Answer: HUD will provide Section 8 vouchers for all existing households at Orange Avenue upon approval of our demolition application. Voucher holders can determine for themselves where and what type (house, apartment, townhouse) of unit is best for their household. We encourage participants to visit,, and other sites to look for housing.

  13. Question: If I get a voucher and want to move out of town, I heard that I have to stay in Tallahassee for 12 months before I can move away.
    Answer: The housing authority is requesting Tenant Protection vouchers for Orange Avenue households. There is no requirement for you to stay in the area prior to porting out to another jurisdiction as long as there is a housing authority in that area.

  14. Question: If I want a bigger unit than my voucher, can I get a bigger one; or do I have to rent whatever voucher size I have?
    Answer: The housing choice voucher staff will provide you with a maximum rent for your use in finding a suitable unit for your household. If you select a unit that has more bedrooms than the voucher you are issued, but that is under the maximum rent cap, it may be possible for you to rent the larger unit.

  15. Question: Can I add other family members to my household?
    Answer: You will need to discuss any changes in your household size with your manager and follow whatever requirements are currently in place for public housing.

  16. Question: Will my voucher size be the same as my public housing unit?
    Answer: The voucher size is usually two persons per bedroom. There are a number of variables that may have you housed in a larger or smaller unit. The HCV staff will work with each household to determine their specific eligibility.