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Choosing an HCV Unit

Choosing the Unit That is Right for You

Selecting a unit can be stressful. So please plan your move early. If you are planning to move, your case manager needs to have your landlord's packet by the 15th of each month. Inspectors schedule appointments two-three weeks in advance. If you get it in after the 15th, you will need to get a 30- day extension with your current landlord.

Once you find something within your estimated cap, there’s the deposit and signing of the lease. BUT WAIT! How you get to this point is critical to your entire move. Here are a few things to consider (other than price) BEFORE you sign a lease.

Even if you have a car, it’s good to know how far is the nearest bus stop?

Go by the property at night (Friday or Saturday) to get a feel for the neighborhood and its after-hour activities.

When you walk through the property, check to see if the air-condition or heat works. Do the lights work? Does the toilet flush? Does the sink or shower have good water pressure? If not, ask the owner to take care of these things before the unit is inspected – otherwise, the unit won’t pass inspection and you may have to start your search all over again. If you can, use your cell phone to take pictures of things like – dingy carpets, broken fixtures, or cabinets so that you don’t get charged with those damages should you move in and they aren’t replaced.

THA’s Administrative Plan will provide rental assistance for the smallest number of bedrooms possible to keep the family housed (and avoid homelessness) without overcrowding. Yes, your sons may be 17 and 18, and each may want their own room. Our payment standard will house them together. You may want them in separate bedrooms. To do so, you would be required to pay a higher portion of your money for the rent.

Check out HUD's "A Good Place to Live" booklet here.