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Orange Avenue Update February 2024

Exciting Updates on Columbia Gardens at South City Development!

We are thrilled to announce that Phase I of the eagerly awaited Columbia Garden Apartments is on track for completion in spring  2024! The construction of the first building is progressing at an impressive pace, with anticipation for occupancy in December 2023. Following this. the remaining buildings are set to become available for leasing, reaching a culmination in March 2024.

The construction site is abuzz with activity - grading is underway, and the finishing touches on curbs. gutters, sidewalks, and asphalt paving are nearly complete. The pool, pool deck, and patio areas have taken shape, promising a vibrant community space for residents. Inside the buildings, the installation of tiling and cabinets. countertops. flooring,
plumbing and siding are nearing completion across all structures.

In Phase II. the framing and roofing of the buildings have been successfully completed, and ongoing work includes the Tyvek wrapping process.

Excitingly, we are moving swiftly into the next stages of development. Phase Ill and Phase IV are currently in the permitting phase, and we anticipate groundbreaking before the end of the year. As we witness these advancements, the vision of a thriving, modern living community at Columbia Garden Apartments is becoming a reality.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build the future of comfortable, contemporary living in Tallahassee!

Click here to view Progress Photos from February 2024.