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Orange Avenue Update January 2023

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Construction Status Report

Orange Ave I
January 3, 2023

Report/Pictures documenting the progress on Orange Ave I

  • Demolition contract complete.
  • Temporary Power is "ON" at the site.
  • All underground site work has been completed.
  • Water taps completed. Service main installed. Lateral building branches being installed.
  • Building 1 foundation ready for Concrete Pour. We are delayed on this due to a revision needing to be approved by CoT. We have completed the resubmission. Waiting on clearance to proceed. Pour set for 1/10/23 Tentatively.
  • Foundation crews working on Building 2. Concrete pour set for 1/10/23.
  • Building 3 Underground plumbing complete. Concrete pour set for 1/17/23.
  • Building 4 Underground plumbing complete. Concrete pour set 1/24/23.
  • Building 5 Pad did not pass material testing. Crews are working on recompacting and completing final lifts. Concrete pour set for 1/31/23.
  • Electrician has started placing underground conduit at Bldg. 3/4.
  • Mad Dog team plans to distribute all job applications received to subs in January.
  • THA Team has narrowed naming down to 2 options. (The Gardens @ South City, The Gardens @ Orange Ave)
  • Lumber is still being delivered and stored onsite